Projects from 2014 and earlier

Made in New YorkMedia Center
Art Direction, UI/UX

The New York Media Center is an interdisciplinary co-working and incubation space in Brooklyn, New York. The site was designed to support the media center’s dynamic brand system. Graphic elements derived from the logo and dynamic brand system shift as the user moves through the site and express the center's cross-functional nature.


Agency - Area 17
Creative Director - Kemp Attwood
Branding - Guillermo Brotons
Development -Alan Cole
Year - 2 0 1 3


Art Direction

I worked with the founders of Spring to help launch their social shopping startup. My primary role included designing the Brand Portal and which brands use to manage their storefronts as well as a specialized Founding Brands site experience for the first brands to be featured in the Spring network.


Agency - Freelance
Creative Direction - Quintin Lodge
User Experience - Emily Tong
Year - 2 0 1 4

Pitch, Art Direction

Vans was a global youth lifestyle brand with a fractured and scattered web presence consisting of separate blogs, Twitter feeds, e-commerce experiences and tumblr accounts. As part of a successful pitch at Huge I proposed a new homepage design with pulls content from the Vans network, combines it with contextual e-commerce and creates a unified portal into the world of Vans.


Agency - Huge INC
Creative Director - Jon Jackson
Year - 2 0 1 2


Visual Design, Concept Design

As part of the HBOGO team at Huge I contributed visual designs for HBOGO’s expansion onto several new platforms including Kindle Devices, PS3 and XBOX. Additionally I reskinned HBOGO for MAXGO, HBO’s viewing platform for their Cinemax content and provided a visual update to the original HBOGO ipad app. With each iteration came opportunities to rethink interaction patterns and to add visual richness to the brand's visual language.


Agency - Huge INC
Strategy - Gene Liebel
Design Lead - Felipe Memoria
Design Lead -Marcelo Eduardo
Product Design -Thadeu Morgado
User Experience -Grace Salem
User Experience - Mark Kizelshteyn
Art Direction - Meredith Bagerski
Art Direction - Andre Cunha
Year - 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2