A rebrand that elevates takeout 
Concept Design, Product Design

Branding Meets Product Design

I worked with the team at Wolff Olins to help rebrand Grubhub. The rebrand touched every aspect of Grubhub’s brand experience and business from marketing to product to sales. My role was to help conceptualize and demonstrate how the rebrand could help reshape Grubhub's digital product.


Visual Language

The new brand vision of "Moving Eating Forward" was brought to life by Albin Holmqvist's hand-drawn illustrations.

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The combination of a robust color system and a dynamic illustration style added character to the design system, but the challenge was to establish the right balance between joyful usability and moments of playfulness. To complement the lively illustration style I kept the app’s ui clean yet colorful and created specific moments when illustrations and animation could add value without compromising usability. 



As the identity system was being finalized we explored several different approaches to the user interface including chatbots, a conversational interface and a more editorial experience but ultimately decided on an a feature set that stuck more closely to what users were familiar with but used Grubhub’s extensive data set to help users connect with the food they’ll love at the right moment. 


Grubhub Feed

The feed takes advantage of years of user data and information such as time of day, season, location and order history to make relevant suggestions. The feed also features inspirational content highlighting special moments, local chefs and restaurants.

Home ScreenHome Screen

My Food

Returning users have the option of browsing 'My Food' which helps them make decisions based on past satisfaction and their the ordering habits of friends with similar taste profiles.


Connecting With The Moment

Contextual search provides suggestions which take advantage of years of data from millions of users to deliver what people want when they want it.


Agency - Wolff Olins
Creative Director - Lisa Smith
Strategy - Melanie McShane
Strategy - Isabeau Lalond
Design - Tim Stettner

Year - 2015