M a t c h a

Making a new fashion brand feel timeless
Branding, Art Direction, UI/UX


I created the Matcha branding package and interactive experience with the goal of designing something that immediately embodied the gravitas and authority of timelessness but left room to grow. The brand’s ethos embraced the complexity of the life of a modern urban woman and to suit this the site was designed to be minimal and feel effortless to use regardless of platform.


Adaptive by design

The site takes advantage of the features and capabilities of various devices and optimizes an experience to diffent browsing environments. On mobile devices the checkout flow is streamlined while on tablet and desktop devices a more leisurely browsing experience is introduced.


Minimal with a touch of motion.

The site is built around a minimal grid with understated typography which allows the clothing to shine. The art direction calls for animated gifs and moments of animation to add visual interest.

Desktop PDPDesktop PDP