A tool for connecting travelers 
Concept Design, Product Design

The Remarkable Explorer's Club

TREC is designed around a simple value proposition - it allows its globe-trotting users to arrive in a new city, and immediately connect with friends in the same city. I worked TREC's founders to design the MVP version of the app. While the brand has ambitions of evolving to encompass a larger suite of travel and lifestyle tools, the the goal of the initial launch was to validate the app's core concept and test for market fit. A secondary goal was to create a strong brand and flexible set of design components which can evolve as the product does.

Defining the Visual Identity

Through branding exercises, informal conversations and a few rounds of iteration we defined a tone for the brand.



The first thing a user experiences is onboarding so we used it as an opportunity to bring in expansive, aspirational imagery to speak to the brand's optimistic core. This tone is balanced by a minimal flatness and a careful consideration of scale.

A curated contact list

The core functionality of the app is built around a list of contacts. Designing this list was an opportunity to further define the brand's restrained, minimal ui and visual identity. Certain components take on an editorial feel while others stick closely to common design patterns.

A system of components

What's most exciting thing about TREC is that this is just the beginning. The initial app design is consists of a set of building blocks which can be expanded upon in later iterations. To this end, my final deliverables included a system of styles and components.


Founder & Creative Director - Alex Merrell
CTO - Isabel Barrera